Sanrio & Disney Series Pocket Tissue Holder

Check out our new HELLO KITTY & Mickey Mouse Pocket Tissue Holder. It's the Cat & Mouse Hunt ;)

Opening of Our New Home


It's been a week since we launch our new webstore with shopping cart, customised order form and fabric catalogue. WE LOVE OUR NEW HOME & all thanks to the staffs at Webcada :) For the past 5 months, they have been working really hard to create this wonderful, pretty new home for AmeVi Designs. With the new shopping cart, all of you lovelies can shop with ease. With the customised order form, customers can let us know what they want on their wish list :) Also, we have finally got a fabric catalogue for everyone to view our 200 over (increasing every 2 weeks) colorful fabrics whereever they are. 

We are working hard to upload all existing products so please wait a little while more :D Psss.. there's just way loads of them ;)

So at the meantime, shop shop shop cos there's already 20 over pages worth of products to buy!!!

Oh, remember to JOIN OUR MAILING LIST to receive updates and promotions <3

Once again, Amelia & Mummy Vi wish everyone a happy school holiday & hope u'll like a new cosy home <3<3<3



Amelia & Mummy Vi

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