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Who is behind AmeVi?

Pronounced as "Amy V" OR "M V", "AmeVi" are the combined initials of the mother-daughter team specialising in quality custom, handmade jewelry and fabric accessories.  

"Ame" or Amelia is the multi-tasking lady entrepreneur who also designs and creates. "Vi" stands for Vivien, Amelia’s mother. When she is not busy sewing accessories, oversees most bazaar sale operations.

AmeVi’s product line have expanded over the years to include laptop sleeves, bags, tissue holder, pencil cases, cosmetic bags along with the original jewelry designs.

Customisation of products available.


About creator

Sometime in 2006,   Amelia made her first bracelet meant as a gift for a friend. It was then she was suddenly drawn into the world of jewelry making. To satisfy her curiosity for all things inv jewelry making, she turned online for various techniques and supplies. It did not take long for Amelia who is also an entrepreneurial spirit, to find herself experimenting with jewelry designs at a rate she realised it should be a business idea. An avid crafter, she has decided to expand her product line to handmade fabric items such as zipper cases, tissue pouches, laptop cases and the list goes on.

Amelia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. (If you are curious about OT you may  refer to http://www.saot.org.sg).  However, Amelia feels she derive most satisfaction from owning and running her handmade jewelry business.  To date, she runs a bustling online shop, a textile corner on Etsy.com and actively participates in bazaars/flea markets across Singapore.

She recounts spending her school breaks to source for exclusive Knicks and knacks from all around the world particularly the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and even Korea. Her goal is to create unique accessories which cannot be mass-produced.

For regulars at Ame's bazaar stall, they recognise and relate to the true value of AmeVi’s- customisation. From the length of the chain, charms to the type of clasp. For each and every girl is unique therefore it is AmeVi’s specialty to reflect this in her creations for you. If you are new to custom jewelry design, shy not. AmeVi makes and sells a line of originals for you to choose from.

AmeVi believes in picking the best materials and making quality jewelry designs and fabric products. Every item used in the making of accessories not only has been hand-carried back from overseas, their quality strictly observed as well. Fabrics used for the pouches/bags are imported directly from Japan and United States. As such, Ame hopes you admire her designs for their value and if you do not bargain prices :)

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About our fabric items

All fabric items—bags, gadget cases, lanyards, etc are sewn with love by AmeVi Designs sewing team (Mummy Vi & Amelia). All fabrics used are imported from Japan, USA and Australia. Fabrics can be non-waterproof (cotton-linen, cotton canvas, Kona cotton by Robert Kaufman, Fleece, Felt, Microfleece) or water-resistant fabric (Vinyl, Oil-fabric, PUC). We ensure that all thread used are of high and good quality. Zips used are from well-renowned YKK company.

It is very important to note that our pouches/cases all come with a layer of padding/sponge/batting to ensure that each item gives our customers a soft and spongy feeling. Padding also gives the pouches/cases shape & increases sturdiness. Furthermore, all items are fully lined with 100% cotton coloured lining & customers can choose the colour in which they prefer.

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